Welcome to The Chonchudo Files!

Food is my passion. Creating dishes that people enjoy and being able to pass on that passion through my creations is a rush. From the smells to the process and up to the final dishes, cooking is something that excites me. For as much as I love cooking, I also love eating. Finding hole in the wall restaurants and hidden gems in the city that take you on new culinary rides… and why not share the wealth.

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19 thoughts on “Welcome to The Chonchudo Files!

    • @Vanessa – You know, if you’re in the LA area, you’re more than welcome to join in on the events. Btw, lol ^^. That’s in part how I ended up picking the name for my site- it’s a Latin term of endearment for “chubby/fatty”- something that you would call your bf/gf… lol


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