One thing you need to know before coming here is that there is always a line to get in and place your order, which is why my friend and I decided to go do a beer tasting at Angel City Brewery before visiting Wurstküche. This is also why it was our second out of three stops on our Epicurean Safari for the night. The staff is very friendly. What’s even better is that you can order a beer and drink it in line while waiting to order. As you are waiting in line, you also notice how small the kitchen is, and yet, they still pound out the orders within minutes.


Once you’ve placed your order, you walk down a long hallway to the seating area where you can either sit outside or enjoy the hipster/bar/club atmosphere inside with a male/female duo switching between the ones and twos, spinning up-tempo music. If you choose to sit inside, as we did, the tables are covered in butcher paper topped with small boxes of crayons everywhere so anyone can write or draw on them. And yes, we did that, also. We were lucky to find a place inside to sit since it is always jam packed with boisterous conversations, awesome music, and people from all walks of life indulging on a few tasty creations that consist of different meats ranging from buffalo to rabbit, to duck, and to rattlesnake.

Since my friend and I had just come from doing a beer tasting down the street, we were starving and ordered:

wk rattlesnake

  • Belgian Fries – Thick-cut fries served with bleu cheese, walnut, and bacon dipping sauce. Simply mouth-watering awesomeness. If there’s one thing you can learn from me, it’s that you can never go wrong with bacon in anything! Easily balanced with the tartness of the bleu cheese, sweetness from the walnut, and the rich flavors coming from the bacon. What more do you want?
  • Rattlesnake & Rabbit- Tastes like chicken! Just kidding… lol. It was pretty good, actually. The meat itself had a unique sweetness to it that was balanced out by the hints of fire and brightness poking through from the jalapeños.


  • Buffalo, Beef & Pork- A bit on the dry side, but very delicious. Has a slight taste of game, with waves of smoke, sweetness, and heat undulating through from the chipotle peppers added in these little bad boys. Tasted like a Latin chorizo, but on a whole other level of experience. It tasted even better paired with sauerkraut and roasted poblano peppers.
  • Duck & Bacon- My favorite of the previous three that we tried. A bit of spice rolls through from the jalapeños added into the sausage. Brimming with flavor, very juicy, with hints of smoke penetrating through. Went well accompanied with sweet peppers to balance out the jabs of heat in it. No condiments were needed as the flavors were amazing by themselves.

All in all, best hipster vibe I’ve experienced by far. I can never be a skinny person with foods like these to eat all throughout Southern California, and I don’t want to be, lol.








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