Pork: The New King Of Meats In LA?


I recently had a chance to interview one of the famed returning Chefs from last year’s Big Bite Bacon Fest to get a little insight into his pork-centric realm that is Dia De Los Puercos food truck. Here is a portion of what we discussed…

Q: Since the majority of your inspiration came from your abuelita’s home cooking, what are 3
of your favorite dishes of hers that always bring you back to your childhood?

A: 99% of my inspiration is from my Gramma ‘B’, she is the reason I love to live in the
kitchen. So to narrow it down to 3 dishes is going to be tough! But I will do my best; the first
would be her Menudo, second is her carne en su jugo and last, but definitely not least, is her
mole tamales.
Q:  While you were at LCB, who were some of the Chef Instructors that inspired you and helped you hone your skills in the kitchen?

A: Although there were some interesting Chef personalities at LCB, There were two that
stood above the others. Chef Fred Jean Marie and Chef Farid Zadi, were the most influential
and motivating Chefs’ I have ever worked with to this day! I will forever be grateful for
sharing their passion for food with me.
Q: Which restaurants did you work at prior to opening up your truck?

A: I worked for quite a few restaurants, which is quite the norm for a line cook. One
restaurant that I gained the most from is ‘The Cellar’ in Fullerton, this is where I was able to
hone and broaden my classic French culinary techniques. I, also worked as Executive sous Chef
and Executive Chef for seven years with Hilton Hotels.
Q: Since bacon is the focus for the Big Bite Bacon Fest, what delicious recipe will you surprise everyone with at the event?

A: Dia De Los Puercos will be serving our Trademarked dessert, The ‘Hog Pocket’. I can describe it
for you, but it would just make you more anxious for the Bacon Fest.
Q: I have been a big fan/supporter of Dia De Los Puercos ever since I tried your Mochomos at the monthly Truck-It Fest, what made you decide on having those three types of pork dishes on the menu? (Well, four, if you include the vegetarian soy-rizo.)

A: We wanted to provide an experience for everyone who came out to try our food, and
what better way to do that then to make food that NO other truck does. But we will not stop
there; there are many other ideas in the works for our upcoming projects.

Q: I hear you will be doing a special event with Carnitas El Momo and Primera Taza, what type of dish collaboration will you be doing there?

A: Not to sound like a dick or anything, but your gonna have to wait for that one..
Q: Where do you see your biz going in the next 5 years? Do you see yourself making that jump to brick and mortar somewhere in LA?

A: Definitely! We want to expand DDLP to other Cities and eventually other States.
Q: Would love to do a friendly Del Real/non specific competition with you in the near future, would you be interested? We can set up a group of Bloggers/Writers/Chefs to judge the dishes… (I think it would be a cool idea to do friendly underground competitions with Chefs in random restaurant locations…)

A: I’m always down for a friendly match! We can do Pop up ‘Cuchillo Battles’!

From what I gathered, I wish I would’ve had the opportunity to have met Chef Rick’s grandmother to see the inspiration comes from, and maybe try a dish, or two of hers which sound amazing- especially the mole tamales. Also, I don’t know about you, but Can’t wait to see what other events/dishes El Chefe and DDLP comes out with in the near future. If many of you haven’t noticed, not only bacon, but pork itself is becoming one of the main proteins being sold in restaurants and food trucks alike. From pulled pork sandwiches to carnitas, to EVERYTHING bacon. For me, the favorite style to have pork in is Al Pastor. Tender, slowly roasted spicy pork on a spit with a pineapple on the top to shower the ‘trompo’ with sweet/tangy juices to add another depth of flavor to beautifully charred chunks of meat- which surprisingly enough, has it’s origins coming from Middle Eastern immigrants moving to Mexico. Make sure to keep an eye (and an ear) open for when we start doing the Kitchen Battles throughout LA!

Photo by: Big Bite Events

Photo by: Big Bite Events

The Big Bite Bacon Fest will be returning to the Queen Mary this weekend, Sat and Sun (Aug 1-2) for three 3-hr sessions (4 hrs with VIP entrance) of pork-gasmic tastings to satisfy your heart’s desire. I will be there from 11a-3p doing my thing, hope to see many of you there!